About the magazine


 The All-Ukrainian magazine “DAY AND NIGHT” – modern representative glossy edition about business and high life, interesting people and cultural events. Competent navigator in the world of business, style and entertainment. It has been published since May 2000.


Founder and publisher – Nika Ltd. (Donetsk)

Language - Russian

Periodicity - 5 issues per year (March, May, August, October, December)

Format – 215 297 mm

Number of pages – 114

Paper - 90 g/m2 in internal block, cover 200 g/m2 + UV lacquer

Circulation – 20 000 copies


Concept – reconstructing a panorama of a beautiful lifestyle and making the reading audience familiar with tendencies defining the style of the modern world. Interesting publication for strict, competent and sophisticated megalopolis resident.  


Subject matter – urgent information from the sphere of bank services, telecommunications, business psychology, world of fashion, cars and entertainment. Presentation of high quality goods and the most interesting events and phenomena deserving attention. Interviews with important persons, detailed photo spreads.   


Style of material presentation – quiet, easy for perception.


Reading audience – more than 60 000 persons.


Reader’s portrait – a successful, intelligent person who has reached the age of maximum business and social activity, with high level of income and the following priorities: active life attitude, individuality and style. They make decisions, are always in the centre of events and have a subtle perception of all the tendencies of the modern world of entertainment, goods and services; they are experts in high quality goods and can use information about them in practice.  


Style of design full-colour glossy magazine with high level of requirements to the style of publication and the quality of text materials.


Sphere of distribution – sectors of domestic and international flights of “Donetsk” air terminal, “CABI” and “ISD-Avia” VIP-terminals, banks, large commercial companies, high level hotels, clubs and entertainment complexes, travel agencies, as well as boutiques, beauty salons, sport clubs, SPA-centres, restaurants, night clubs.  


Originality, objectivity, positive orientation together with high requirements to the level of printing quality and content made it possible for the magazine to acquire a wide circle of permanent readers, clients’ confidence and win favour of business elite. 


Permanent sections and rubrics



·         Event

·         Exclusive

·         Consultation



·         Event

·         Brand

·         Nostalgia

·         Mirror

·         Shop window



·             Event

·             Hobby

·             Star guest

·             Globe

·             Essay

·             Calendar of events

Advertising costs

Internal block of the magazine

First page of the magazine’s internal block          215x297 mm                  700 EUR

Page                                                              215x297 mm                500 EUR 

One-page advertising article                              215x297 mm                 500 EUR 

Double-page spread (two-page poster)                430x297 mm                700 EUR 

Half a page (horizontal 1/2)                               215x148 mm                 300 EUR 

Half a page (vertical 1/2)                                   107x297 mm                300 EUR 

One-third of a page (horizontal 1/3)                    215x99 mm                   200 EUR 

One-third of a page (vertical 1/3)                        75x297 mm                  200 EUR


First cover page                                             is not sold

Second cover page                                         215x297 mm                1 500 EUR  

Third cover page                                            215x297 mm                1 000 EUR

Fourth cover page                                          215x297 mm                2 000 EUR

·         Cost of photographer’s work and cost of writing an article by the journalist is not included into advertising costs.

·         Prices are indicated in conventional currency units including VAT and advertising tax. Payment is made in hrivnas according to NBU rate on the day of payment.


 “DAY AND NIGHT” magazine is always open for new ideas, original decisions and mutually beneficial cooperation.


 Address of editorial office: 67 Shchorsa St., office 1, Donetsk, Ukraine, 83114,

Tel.: +380 62 345 0231; +380 62 345 2625, + 380 098 115 33 78, + 380 099 772 43 69